5 Makeup Trends For 2023 That You Need To Know

2023 is sure to be an exciting year for makeup trends. We are already seeing a shift from the heavy, sculpted looks of previous years towards a more minimalistic approach that allows each individual’s unique beauty to shine through. 

Natural finishes and textures will take precedence, while bold colors will still make statements when used correctly. Don’t miss out on this new year’s color palette trends Keep reading to find out the top 5 makeup trends sure to turn heads.

Get That Fierce Look With ThisTrends

Statement Lips 

Bold lip color is a makeup trend continuing to gain traction in 2023. Whether looking for an everyday look or something more dramatic, bold lips are sure to make a statement. You can quickly achieve even the most daring looks with the proper technique. 

Find the right shade that fits your personality, from fiery red, flamenco red, or orange tangerine to electric orchid; there’s always something for everyone. 

More Blushing 

Get a fresh start this new year by adding more blush to your face canvas. Be original by applying the trendy aura blush style, which blends different tones to get that warm color feel. 

In 2023, the aura blush trend is taking the beauty world by storm. This shimmering blush hue adds a subtle glow that radiates warmth and energy, giving your complexion an instant boost of radiance. With its natural-looking finish and universally flattering shade, aura blush has become the go-to color for makeup lovers everywhere. 

Robotic Metallic Eyeshadows 

New technology and robotic styles inspire this new metallic eyeshadow trend for 2023. People are experimenting with applying their eye shadow and mixing different shades to create an overall metallic look. 

This new trend allows people to express themselves through their beauty looks in unique ways, creating beautiful and eye-catching designs. Go with a metallic eye for a powerful, futuristic beauty. 

Face Embellishments 

Start experimenting in 2023 with gems, glitter, pearls, and other accents for self-expression and joy. This look is playful yet sophisticated and gives an air of mystery and elegance to any mood or occasion. With so many options available, it’s easy to find something that fits your style and preferences. 

Get into the gemstone galore trend today and highlight your features with sparkles. 

Feminine Cat-Eye Winged Eyeliner 

The feminine cat-eye winged eyeliner trend of 2023 is a great way to add subtle flair to your makeup look and create an effortless and timeless aesthetic. This year, the trend has been seen everywhere, from red carpets to social media. 

The technique involves creating two wings with eyeliner – one on the upper and one on the lower lid – to frame the eye. So don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun! 

Get In Touch With An Expert Makeup Artist And Learn This New Trends


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