6 Ways To Excel A Natural Makeup Look

Natural makeup has become an incredibly popular trend in the last few years. Now, in 2023, it’s a must for makeup enthusiasts! However, if this isn’t a look you usually go for, it can be hard to know where to start. After all, it’s meant to look effortless, so it needs to be applied just right, and with so many makeup tutorials out there, it can get confusing.

That’s why The Beauty Bar has put together this tutorial with six easy-to-follow makeup tips for achieving an effortless and natural look. Whether you’re going for subtle daytime makeup or something soft for the evening, these steps will help you achieve the perfect look! Are you ready to excel? Let’s get into it!

1. Start With A Good Wash And Hydration

Before starting with makeup, ensure your skin is well-cleansed and hydrated. This will help makeup look more natural on the skin and last longer throughout the day. No matter how soft your look is, not cleaning your face beforehand will cause makeup to go on unevenly, look cakey, and fade away quickly.

2. Treat Your Spots And Other Imperfections

If you have any spots or other skin imperfections, like dark circles on your eyes or redness around the nose, treat them with makeup primers or a very soft concealer. If you want to keep it natural, use products that work with your makeup instead of against it. Don’t forget to blend for a more seamless look!

3. Use BB Cream Instead Of Foundation

Foundation can be heavy and cakey, which is the opposite of what you want for a natural makeup look. Instead, go for BB cream: this will improve your skin tone without feeling like makeup and looking overdone. It’s perfect for those who want light coverage and a dewy finish!

4. Go For Neutral Colors

Keep colors neutral and simple for a natural makeup look. Opt for nude shadows and a soft blush to make it seem like they’re barely there. You can also apply bronzer on your eyes instead of shades, as this will create a natural contour effect. 

5. Highlight Your Best Features (Gently!)

Highlighting your best features is the key to looking put together and effortless. Natural makeup looks are all about subtlety, so you don’t want to go overboard with heavy makeup for every feature of your face. Instead, pick a few and focus on those; a light touch is all you need to make your makeup look beautiful!

6. Change Your Lipstick For Lip Balm Or Gloss

For a subtle makeup look, leave the lipstick in the bag for today. Instead, go for a simple lip balm or outline your lips before adding lip gloss to finish the look. This will make it seem like you’re barely wearing makeup while adding a bit of shine to your lips and making them look plump and fresh!

Perfect Your Natural Look At The Beauty Bar

Now that you know our makeup tips for achieving a natural look, why not perfect it at The Beauty Bar? Whether you’re getting ready for a special occasion, an interview, or simply want a bit of pampering, we’ve got you covered. Our makeup artist will excel at finding your ideal natural routine.

Learning makeup tips on your own can be quite a challenge, which is why we also offer workshops and private tutorials so you can experience the magic firsthand. No matter your age, skin type, or previous experience, our makeup artists are here to ensure you look your best. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment and get ready to excel in makeup like never before!


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