Achieving The Perfect Eye Makeup Look

We’ve all been there — standing in front of the mirror, makeup brushes in hand, trying to achieve that perfect eye makeup look. It seems easy enough, but it always seems to escape us. Luckily, we’re here to help.

This blog post will go over the tools you need, basic techniques, and a few extra tricks to teach you how it’s done. With a bit of practice (and lots of patience), you’ll be able to master that effortless look in no time!

#1. Your Makeup Brushes Make All The Difference

Invest in a good set of brushes; there’s no ground for negotiation here. Brushes are essential to achieving a flawless look. The right tool will help you apply your shadow evenly without leaving any clumps behind. We recommend going for synthetic fibers instead of natural ones. They’re more affordable, easier to clean, and won’t make you sneeze. Plus, it’ll make blending a breeze — and who doesn’t love a good smoky eye?

#2. Use A Base Eyeshadow On The Lid

After applying your primer, put a base shadow all over your lid. This will help create an even canvas for the rest of your shadow and give your look some staying power. We recommend using a nude shade (matching your skin tone) for this step.

#3. Concentrate Darker Shadow In The Eye Crease

Once you’ve applied your base shadow, it’s time to start contouring! Using a medium-sized brush, apply a darker shadow in an arc above your crease (think of it as drawing a half-moon). Then use a smaller brush to blend the edges until no stark lines remain.

#4. Enhance Your Lash Lines In A Super-Dark Color

To make your eyes pop, use an eyeliner pencil or gel liner to trace along your upper and lower lash lines. Go as thick or thin as you want — it’s all about what makes you feel comfortable! Just remember to smudge it outwards slightly at the ends for a more natural look.

#5. Add Presence With A Pretty Shimmery Shadow

Finally, finish off your eye makeup with nice highlight color in the inner corner of each eye and just below your brow bone. This will help give you that wide-awake look, even if you’re running on coffee and no sleep (we’ve all been there). 

Extra Tip: Mascara!

And don’t forget mascara! A couple of coats always help open up the eyes and tie everything together nicely.

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