Special Events Makeup Tutorials For Busy Moms

Its recital season, and we know you want to look your best for your daughter’s performance. However, your daily makeup routine won’t be enough for such a special occasion. If you want to look extra, you have to do extra. Searching for “special event makeups” can overwhelm you with thousands of results and no understandable steps or guides to follow.

At The Beauty Bar, we understand how important it’s for you to look great without struggling with products, shades, and tones. Therefore, our private makeup tutorials have helped hundreds of proud moms like you to learn all they need for a full-glam or clean look before their big night. You control what you want to learn, and we’ll guide you through the best techniques and products.



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What Our Exclusive Makeup Tutorials Include

Don’t struggle to follow a 1-hour video on youtube with products you’ve never heard of and unclear steps. With our private makeup tutorials, you’ll get exclusive sessions with our professional makeup artists. At your own pace. In your own time.

You’ll become a makeup expert yourself and expect the following:


Customized sessions

What would you like to learn, and how do you want to look? After you answer these questions, we’ll create a customized session with the products and techniques that best suit your needs.

Top-quality & safe products

Are you worried about a breakout because of poorly made products? We use only the best products for your skin. Our Beauty Bar cosmetics guarantee safe and high-quality formulations to keep your skin clean and beautiful.

Updated techniques

We keep our tutorials up-to-date, so you don’t miss any new trends. Our professionals teach the latest techniques and products to help you look spectacular for each recital

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Forget About Online Tutorials! Learn Exactly What Works For You

It doesn’t matter if you want a natural look or something more dramatic. The Beauty Bar offers makeup tutorials tailored to moms like you, so you can look perfect at your daughter’s dance recital:

  • Schedule your appointment via message or phone call
  • Arrive at our makeup studio on schedule and discuss your expectations
  • Start learning!

Boost Your Makeup Skills In Only 1 Hour!

than before. Create a stunning and unique look that best represents who you are, so you can glow as a proud mom in your daughter’s next recital.

We are waiting for you. For only a $99 reservation fee, you can take advantage of our exclusive special event makeup tutorials and stand out. Don’t risk missing your daughter’s turn because you had to redo your makeup multiple times. Schedule your appointment now and get ready to impress with a great look done by you

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