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The Beauty Bar: More Than a Makeup Counter

In the middle of the desert of Yuma, AZ, there’s an oasis where you can feel like a queen. At The Beauty Bar, we go above and beyond normal skincare and makeup, we’re a makeup studio aiming to give you a unique experience through our services. Here, whatever you say, goes. We don’t want to change you: we want to bring out the most beautiful you, inside and out.

The Beauty Bar started back in 2018 in a 400 sq ft building, but in 2021 we decided to go big or go home & opened our 1800 sq ft professional retail setting in Yuma for our customers to feel relaxed and pampered. We loved the idea of having our own personal spot to do facials, makeovers, and be able to host fun customer events or workshops.

Jackie Alves
Level 3 Makeup Artist & Head Beauty Educator, Co-Founder

Jackie has been in the beauty business since the age of 17.
With over 30 years of experience behind her she says she’s learned a thing or two about women and the way they feel about how they look.“My experience spans from doing makeup in photo studios and Las Vegas shows, all the way to teaching skin care for world-renowned cosmetic companies.”

Jackie has worked for or with countless top brands of skin care and makeup. She specializes in teaching women over 40 the makeup tips and skincare techniques she’s learned and developed over the decades to help them look and feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

As the co-founder and Lead Makeup Artist of The Beauty Bar, Jackie puts her heart and soul into making sure you’re treated like royalty while you’re there, and that you leave knowing you not only look lovely, but you also feel valued and appreciated.
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Denice Miller
Level 3 Makeup Artist &

Denice has always had a passion for the health and beauty industry.
Denice has always had a passion for the health and beauty industry. She enjoys helping others see the value of taking care of themselves and developing confidence from the inside out.

“I love to help others find the right skincare products that make them feel comfortable in their own skin plus creating a makeup look for them that lights up their face. We are going to have this face forever, so we need to take care of it.”

As the co-founder of and Makeup Artist at the Beauty Bar, Denice loves to make women of all ages feel and look confident and beautiful.

Underneath Your Skin

Our mission is to make women look and feel as beautiful on the outside as we know they are on the inside through professional makeup services and products, tailored just for them by our makeup artists.
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